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Hero Zero is a browser game, that lets you grow your Hero out his/her parents basement into a Super Hero of Great Magnitude!! This game is a fun time waster played by thousand of people. On this wikia you can find / get infomation how to :

  • How to play Hero Zero.
  • Hero Zero Information.
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  • Hero Zero FAQ.
  • Lots and lots of help to guide you though Hero Zero,

Looking for some links to play the game or get more infomation / get invloved with Hero Zero? Well , here are these links for you! :

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Here is a list of main pages! :

FAQ by Caprica (edited by Nankho)

More pages are currently been worked on! :)

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Hero Zero

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Also remember that this wika is , "Work in progress" . If you want to help thiswikia you can :
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And all that kinda stuff. So please help if you a member of Hero Zero! :)

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